The LIFE FLeX eHealth Study

LIFE FLeX Study: A new biopsychosocial intervention program for anxiety & depression


The LIFE FLeX eHealth study


We are currently running a open trial of the LIFE FLeX program (a biopsychosocial web & mobile-based intervention program for anxiety and depression). People 18 years of age and over can sign up (this involves providing your consent to participate, creating an account and the completion of the pre-program questionnaires) and then use the LIFE FLeX program almost immediately.


LIFE FLeX consists of an Introduction module and 6 core modules. These being:

loife felx witouth flex

  • Module 1 – Increasing Biological Flexibility
  • Module 2 – Increasing Emotional  Flexibility
  • Module 3 – Increasing Thinking Flexibility
  • Module 4 – Increasing Behavioural Flexibility
  • Module 5 – Increasing Wellness Flexibility
  • Module 6 – Increasing LIFE FleX-ability



As this is an evaluation study, we have some additional questionnaires for you to fill out at various times over the course of the trial. These questionnaires are vitally important as they let us know what works and what doesn’t work so well (so we can improve it) and allows us to continue to offer eHealth programs to the general public for free.


  • If you are interested in the study, please click here to read about it in more detail.
  • Alternatively, you first might like to visit our main website (Federation eHealth) and read more about depression and anxiety. You can  also complete the mental health quizzes to get some feedback around your current anxiety, depressive and general psychological distress symptom levels.